Everything starts with a tree..


Green Factory is a French & parisian brand created by Noam Levy 10 years ago.

Noam started with a little plant shop Rue Du Pont aux Choux in Le Marais; disappointed to see his customers let their plant die, he started working on a self sufficient composition. And here is Treeki, first terrarium born in 2011.

He then creates a real terrarium collection just like ready to wear, creating in front of his custumers in his new atelier near the Canal Saint Martin.

Unique Compositions

Green Factory creates unique plant compositions, wich are handmade in our Parisian atelier. Each one features a miniature tree surrounded by vegetation within a glass container, forming an ecosystem that will thrive with almost no maintenance (if watered a few times a year). Thanks to photosynthesis, the water cycle and a transparent enclosed environment, our creations provide for themselves.

The Best Quality

We are working with the most talented people ever to offer you the best quality for our products.

Our plants are all grown in Europe and we never use chemicals in them.

we train our own staff and everything is handmade in Paris.

Finally, our staff is preparing each composition wether it is shipped or delivered to a store.